Deep eyed and Gorgeous!

Her name is Jite and she never wears makeup save a little gloss on her lips. What caught my attention when I first saw her was her lovely deep-set eyes. I mean, they are the real deal! Her prominent forehead seemed to make her eyes look even more sunken in. The other thing I noticed about her was her sweet no-holds-barred smile. I love unique faces; They never disappear in a crowd.

You can imagine my consternation when as the session was about to begin, she looks me straight in the eyes and asks, Why did you pick me? I was so shocked when you walked up to me to ask if I was interested. What could you possibly want to do with a face like mine? Now, I’m one of those people that’s hardly ever tongue tied but this time, I was. I stumbled through my tribe of words to help her see just how unique she is and how rare it is to find a face like hers. I’m glad she understood in the end.

Now, the deep-set eye is a very unique eye shape. If you don’t know the dynamics, you can get pretty confusing results. For best results, use only medium shades in the crease and contour if you must, at the extreme corner of the eye.

Most of the definition should be done around the lash line. Try to avoid using a lot of dark shadow on the bottom lash line;It will only make the eyes appear to sink further in. Instead, in a pinch, highlight the bottom lid. I used a slightly lighter foundation shade around Jite’s eye area especially in-between and underneath her eyes. I used a slightly pearly shade with a hint of shimmer under her brows. using strong shimmer underneath her brows would only bring her brow bone forward and make her eyes sink further in.

Here’s the story in pictures:

Photography by Tunji Oremosu

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