A funny incident happened to me a while back. A client called me up to handle the makeup for her wedding. In her attempt to negotiate the price, she commented that her chief bridesmaid was very fair-skinned and that her makeup would be a breeze. I laughed and told her it didn’t matter but seriously I began to realize that there is a general perception that makeup looks more beautiful on fairer complexions. A lot of dark skinned gals think the same and many decide to stick to a very simple makeup routine since that are not always sure how certain colours will look on them.

Today I’ll be sharing a few makeup tips that will ensure that you look stunning especially for evening no matter how dark-skinned you are;

– Apply a lighter foundation shade ( just a shade lighter) on your forehead area, under your eyes and down to the cheek area and then the bridge of the nose. You can apply some lighter foundation on your chin as well if you do not have a long face. Don’t worry, you wont look clownish. This will only help to enhance your features besides, most very dark women have lighter bodies. Note that every other part of your face should be your correct foundation shade. Ensure that the two foundation shades blend seamlessly with no harsh demarcation lines. Lightly apply some powder (not too much) over your foundation. If you are using a powder puff please don’t drag. Work powder into your skin using a stippling motion.

Darker skinner gals look stunning in golds and oranges. If you choose not to wear any of these eyeshadow colours (using the same colours can be boring), go for light to medium shades of shimmery or highly pigmented shadows and creams. I think you can pretty much wear any eyeshadow colour as long as you find a shade that suits your skin tone. When in doubt, seek the opinion of family and friends before walking out the front door.

For evening, line the inner rim of the eye with the blackest coal pencil you can find except you have small eyes (in this case work some black eyeshadow into the outer end of the lower lashes).

For a long time,I didn’t really like doing black smokey eyes on the very dark skinned because the eyes did not turn out as intense as I wanted them to. I finally found my way around this; If you decide to do a smokey eye, it’s a good idea to use a satin shadow (these shadows have just a little shine and are excellent for mature skin) instead of matte. It comes out looking more luminous and alluring. Another cool trick is to highlight the inner corners of the eyes with a light pearly shade. Afterward, use a light shimmery shade possibly the same shade on the brow bone (the point just below the brow).

It’s a good idea for evening to wear false eyelashes. Before you do, line your top lid with a black liquid liner or gel liner. This looks breathtaking if you’re wearing a lovely highlight shade. Flecks of glitter here and there on your lid will take your look over the top.

For blush, avoid soft pink shades. They will look ashy on your skin. Stick to deep oranges, rose or burgundy colours.

For lips, I know dark skinned women have been told to stick to reds and browns. Its actually a great idea but if you’re like me and you have a tendency to get bored, try to experiment with golds, oranges and even pinks. You’ll be surprised at the result.

If you have blood shot eyes, use appropriate eye-drops to whiten the eyes. I’m no doctor but i think ‘Visine’ works well. Red eyes detract from the overall eye design and give you a tired look.

Finally, do wear bronzer to get that beautiful sun kissed look.

There she is! The beautiful dark diva walking through the front doors of the hall of fame. Step up your game! No woman has an excuse to look ordinary.

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