Today, I’m going to be sharing a few tried and true ‘Pro’ and ‘Common sense’ tips and tricks that I have learnt over the years. Some, you may very well know and others you may be hearing for the very first time. Either way, you’re sure to learn something new…just keep an open mind.

Did you know that…

– When applying foundation, you can choose a slightly lighter shade than your skin if  your complexion is oily. The oil in the skin actually turns the foundation darker over time as it oxidizes.

– Hairspray sprayed eight inches from your face with your eyes and mouth closed will create a sealer for your makeup.

– Applying a very light coat of clear mascara will help you get a better curl when you use your eyelash curler.

– Placing a light shimmer under under bottom eyeliner will give an added oomph to the eye.

– You can remove glitter that has travelled to unwanted areas of your face by lifting it with tape.

– When using dark shadows or metallics, You should do the eyes before foundation so you can wipe away fallout or place a tissue under the eye with your other hand during eyeshadow application. A more popular way though is to place some powder under the eyes to catch eyeshadow fallout.

– To keep your eyes from blinking when applying makeup, try keeping your mouth open.

– One tried and true way to get flawless coverage especially for blemished skin is to set foundation with powder just after you apply your foundation. No long pauses.

– To prevent lipstick from getting on your teeth, after applying lipstick or gloss, put your finger into your mouth and pull out in a lollypop motion. The excess lipstick will end up on your finger instead.

– If you have difficulty locating your crease because of your eye shape, simply look in the mirror while tipping your head slightly back. It is the point where your eye meets the socket.

–  You should test lipsticks on your fingertip to get the true colour before you buy them. Its much closer to your lip colour and the texture is very similar.

– When doing your wedding makeup, make sure your foundation matches your face and neck (except you’re wearing a bustier all through) so you don’t have to blend all the way to the neck. It could stain your clothes and it’s not a pretty sight!

– Use clear mascara to brush your brows in place if you happen to have unruly eyebrows.

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